In the early years, the airline industry competition was nonexistent.

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This is followed by a summary SWOT for Southwest along with a concise summary of the strategy and strategy-related problems identified through the strategic audit.

In 2013, Southwest was named by the US Department of Transportation; on Consumer Reports' Airline Customer Satisfaction Survey; and ranked second on Business Insider's list of the best

That isn't to say Southwest doesn't directly look out for their customers. When employees are taught to "," the airline encourages them to "put others first" and "demonstrate proactive customer service." In other words — the airline might put employees first, but they want employees to put customers first.

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American Airlines finally absorbs US Airways brand

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Southwest Airlines did not demonstrate durable competitive advantage according to my analysis
Ideas for further research
Compare Southwest (smaller/domestic airline) to a larger, international airline
Research the effect of the 2008 recession on airlines
Use data from 10 years instead of 5 for time-series analysis
Analysis of Balance Sheets
Property, Plant, and Equipment
Fairly consistent showing no need to continually upgrade
Financed internally
Southwest is purchasing other companies in 2011-2012
Analysis of Cash Flow Statements
Debt to Shareholder’s Equity
Southwest has more debt to the dollar than they are earning.
Less debt than jetBlue
Debt is greater than equity

Capital Expenditures
Increasing over time, as are net earning
Buyback of Company Shares
Southwest is purchasing back much of their outstanding stock
More than jetBlue

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In his own words the creator of the concept offers an insight; "The five forces determine the industries profitability because they influence the prices, costs, and required investments of firms in an industry – the elements of return on investments ." It is the aim of this essay to apply Porter's model to Europe's rapidly growing budget airline industry....

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America West Airlines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. America West Airlines was a U S airline headquartered in Tempe, Arizona Their main hub was Airways reservations to the Shares computer system used by America West (US Airways had previously used a very different Sabre system)

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jetBlue is one of Southwest’s biggest competitors
Debt Ratios
Over the past 6 years the percentage of debt has
consistently increased
from 19.9% in 2008 to 27% in 2013.
If a company has a debt ratio greater than 100, it indicates that the company has as much debt as assets.

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