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King Arthur's best Knight and most trusted friend. Lancelot was heartbroken because he loved the Guinevere, but she was married to Arthur, who was not only his Lord but also his close friend. After some time, Lancelot confessed his love to the Queen. To his surprise, Guinevere admitted that she, too, was in love with him. The two began a secret love affair that lasted for years without the King knowing. So what? The Legend of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot When Lancelot first came to King Arthur's court, Arthur was impressed with his character and his bravery. He joined the Knights of the Round Table and quickly became the King's most trusted and noble knight. But, when Lancelot laid eyes on the Queen, he fell in love. The King eventually found out what was going on between his wife and his Knight. In some versions of the story, he sentenced Guinevere to live out the rest of her life locked up in a convent, but in others he sentenced her to death for adultery. As for Lancelot, he fled the kingdom and returned to his homeland of France and took leadership there. King Arthur waged war on France, which divided his Knights and ultimately led to the downfall of his kingdom as well as his own death. The major theme of this legend is that lost love and betrayal ultimately lead to one's downfall. Literary Allusions All the King's Men by: Robert Penn Warren-

The movie has a story, of course. I would spare you most of the details,but it seems only fair for you to sit through it, too. The story risksbeing as long to recount as it is to endure, though its leaps of logicand of imagination are at least admirable in their crude audacity. Theaction starts in medieval England, where shattered bodies fly throughthe air. As elements of design, the bodies seem to affect Bay less thando the flaming arrows, catapulted fireballs, and clods of dirt that hesends hurtling toward the viewer in 3–D sensation. Sir Lancelot and hismen are outnumbered and losing—but they’re awaiting the arrival ofMerlin, whose magical weaponry will presumably save the day. Why thismatters at all will eventually become clear. But first, let’s meet thegiant toys again, in a different era: the Transformers are held captive by the Americanmilitary, and the few surviving free ones are in hiding as scrap metal,after a devastating attack for which they are blamed. One young girl,Izabella (Isabela Moner), an intrepid fourteen-year-old orphan, hasfaith in their virtue. When Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) comes to therescue of the Transformers, Izabella follows him and he grudginglyallows her into his family circle.

Circa 1240. "Roger Gernet, Thomas de Bethum, and Robert de Stokeport, hold the 4th part of a knight in Burstad Brining in chief of the King" - from "The Fees of Theobald Walter" page 153 "Lancashire Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids ..." by William Farrer

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During the first 50 years of the 13th century, between 1200 and 1249, a great survey of the kingdom of England was made by Royal Order. This survey was started during the reign of John and was completed during the reign of his son, Henry III in about the year 1247. The object of this great survey was to determine what lands and royalty rights the King actually possessed in the different counties that made up his kingdom. The Book of Fees, or "Testa de Nevill" [Nevill’s Evidence or Nevill's Head] as the survey was commonly called, records the names, titles and holdings of all families of rank, “fee holders,” throughout the kingdom, together with the services or "knights fees" that they provided to the crown and the lands and privileges they received in return for these services.

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