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To talk about respect within our families and faith communities, and to figure out how to this central element of our Unitarian Universalist faith, we need to look more deeply at what it means.

How hard is it to be mindful of respect in your daily life?

By achieving a certain status, people are thought to have "earned" our respect, and respect for them-at least the outward signs of respect-becomes a duty or an obligation to fulfill.

There is another way of thinking about respect for others, however-a way that emphasizes the rather than the .

How does each principle relate to respect?

"You get respect when you give it," Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot writes, echoing an experience that most of us have had.

Such a view of respect requires attentiveness to individuals and groups of people.

How are these limits related to respect?

Ask: Who shows respect (or caring) in this story?

This list will come in handy as you talk about respect with your family, and it will help alert you to the "teachable moments" about respect that crop up every day.
Respect for Self. Some families focus on fostering in all family members, while others emphasize more than respect for self.

These items too are a subtle way of showing respect.

Differences are important and they should be respected. For example, many important people throughout history were considered different, such as Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Harriet Tubman, Peter Tchaikovsky, and Abraham Lincoln. They did great things, but some people thought they were weird, because they had strong feelings about something. I can relate to these people, because I’ve been in that situation before, many times.

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What decisions about you speak does your family want to make?

Respect and Inclusiveness: Lessons from Our Youth. Unitarian Universalist youth are well known for working on issues of respect and justice in organizations such as YRUU (which stands for Young Religious Unitarian Universalists), in the Unitarian Universalist Association in general, and with the wider world.

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From working on issues of accessibility in our churches, to joining in neighborhood cleanups, to writing letters to government representatives on the causes we care about, working for justice is a family project that, at its heart, is all about respect for self and for others.

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What resources can you find together, and how do these resources and your reactions relate to respect?
Respect and Antioppression. On our Unitarian Universalist "journey toward wholeness," we have set ourselves on a path to become an antiracist, antioppressive, multicultural faith community.

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Research together how the table manners, greetings, behavior in public places, and other ways children show respect to adults differ in another culture or another country.