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Now, there really were news articles in the 1970s about scientists predicting a coming ice age. Time had a piece called in 1974. Time’s competition, Newsweek, joined in with in 1975. People have collected and of “Coming Ice Age” stories from newspapers, magazines, books, tv shows, etc. throughout the 1970s.

He was previously the banking correspondent at the magazine, covering the industry from the first signs of distress in credit markets through the collapse of Lehman Brothers to the efforts of governments to stabilise the financial sector.

The purpose of the image of the two Time magazine covers, and of the Coming Ice Age Myth, is not to show the real history of climate science, but to obscure that history and to cause confusion. It seems to be working. Because today, when there really is a consensus about climate science and 97% of climatologists agree that adding CO2 to the atmosphere is leading to climate change, know about that consensus. The other 55% must think we’re still in the 1970s when scientists were still debating the issue. Seems newsworthy to me, maybe Time will run another cover story on it.

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Newsweek magazine college essays

She is the author of three poetry collections: Lucky Fish (2011), winner of the gold medal in Poetry from the Independent Publisher Book Awards and the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize for Independent Books; At the Drive-In Volcano (2007), winner of the Balcones Prize; and Miracle Fruit (2003), winner of the Tupelo Press Prize,ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award, the Global Filipino Award and a finalist for The Glasgow Prize and the Asian American Literary Award.

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