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To escape her regular routine she makes a plan to go to Paris; however, her family members are only middle class and cannot help her fulfill her desire to live the life of a celebrity, fame, and fashion....

In this essay/analysis I will go through some of the underlying themes of the novel, that create it more than just a story about some kid in New York....

More recently, however, I’ve come to learn more about the history and philosophies of adventure education and so my idea of the concept has changed dramatically as I have also lived and learned much since the days of my youth.

However, Alice fails and surrenders to the unexplainable actions of these creatures.

You will also be asked to develop your response by exploring and explaining how the experiences of the chosen character relates to your own knowledge and/or experience, as well as to the reading selection that is provided to you.

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Organization and Components
Introduction Paragraph
Introduces the main/controlling idea of the essay
Motivates the reader to continue reading
Identifies name of texts/authours that you will discuss
Body Paragraphs (3)
Each topic sentence is linked to your main idea
Provides details and ideas to support your thesis statement
Concluding Paragraph
Summarizes main ideas and details from the body paragraphs
Body Paragraphs
New Statement
Outlines paragraph's major idea
Links to the thesis of the essay
A piece of evidence to strengthen the controlling idea
Focuses on identifying why the provided example is significant
How does the example prove that the controlling idea is true?
Tie-Up or Transition
Concludes or transitions from one body paragraph to another

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With time, she no longer attempts to stand up to Joe and make her own decisions....

However, I have decided to focus on ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and ‘The Adventure of the Speckled Band’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as they are the two stories that have appealed to me the most....

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However, visitors to this fascinating state will find that the story of South Dakota is much more interesting than any Hollywood western that they have ever seen....

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In analyzing “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” and in the view of the background to different detective genre stories it becomes clear that generic conventions are attached to them.

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I grew up in the same neighborhood and even the same house, never to fully experience the sensation of moving into a new house or having to make new friends at a different school.

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Although Milkman and Macon Dead are completely distinct individuals, Morrison uses particular writing techniques to demonstrate how each character influences is each other along with developing their unique journeys as African-American men in the early 1900s...

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In this essay I am going to look at the effect created by Arthur Conan Doyle and H G Wells in three short stories, analysing how this effect has added to the plot, setting and atmosphere.

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Tom’s conflict between these twoemotions helps us to understand one of the themes of the play: that sometimesany decision we make has painful consequences.

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The Crowning of Arthur refers to what happened before King Arthur was conceived, after he was delivered, and how he legitimately became King Arthur....