One of the most common causes of car accidents is distracted driving.

Below you will find more information on one of the general causes of accidents on our roads.

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In the recent centuries , the number of vehicles on roads has been shown an increasing trend . This is mainly because of the affordability of cars and poor roads . There are anumber of possible solution can be implemented to avoid this traffic congestion .

In the recent centuries ,it has been noticed a huge increase in traffic congestion ,which is considerd one of the the big problems among large cities nowadays ,the increasing number of vehicles on the roads has came as a result of many reasone and situation . This essay will look through these reasone and give suggestion of possible solution to avoid the traffic congestion .

If you have a story about a unique or unsual cause of a car accident send it and we will post it!

Driver fatigue isn’t talked about a lot, but how well can we expect anyone to drive when they’re having trouble staying awake. Most of the car accidents caused by drowsy driving occur at night. If you find yourself wanting to fall asleep at the wheel, pull over when it’s safe and try to take a quick 30 minute power nap.

Falls cause 70% of accidentaldeaths of persons over age 75 [].

Most highways are littered with the scattered remains of a tire blowout. Tire blowouts can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, and they are especially dangerous for bigger automobiles like semi-trucks. When encountering a tire blowout, try to maintain control of your vehicle and pull over safely and you will likely avoid a serious car accident.

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The weight of the car pressed down on the lower half of my body with monster force.

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Maybe the answer is that more people should just leave early. If you are running late, it’s important to know that driving a few mph faster or impatiently other cars will not help. Is it truly worth causing an auto accident just to arrive at your destination a few seconds earlier?

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Combiningboth those levels of alcohol with sleep deprivation again nearly tripled the numberof lane drifting incidents above that seen for either the alcohol or sleepinessalone.

CAUSES OF CAR ACCIDENTS Hundreds of people die in car accidents all over the world every week. It is one of the reasons why the death rate is increasing.

(Crashes involving left-hand turns are much more likely to result in injury — it is often safer to make three right turns than oneleft turn.) Driving under the influence of is the most important cause of death in automobile accidents —followed by driver fatigue.

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But the reported sleepiness of those who had the alcohol/sleep-deprivationcombination was no greater than what was reported by those who had only beensleep deprived [].

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Make sure, however, the three-second rule does not take your eyes off the road because that just sets the stage for another type of car accident.