The curious toddler a grasshopper into her mouth.

Then came the shock of his life, Jamie revealed to him that she had Lucima.

I suspect that the cold, dead hand of Communism is still doing its work on us, the “winners.” Reagan was full of old-fashioned ideas about freedom, duty, and the value of the American idea to mankind. That’s why the left held him in such disdain. But we’re soon to be shown how the post-moderns fare against a cause dedicated to world domination based on a bigger, more primitive enemy motivated by the same blind faith that the Communists had.

Ayn Rand called it , the moral subjugation of the individual to the “other”. But she otherwise said much the same things… fifty years earlier …. but remains derided by conventional thinkers as looney, dogmatic, etc. to this day.

Western ruling elite opresses workers in their countries. They know it and don’t dare to claim moral superiority over communism. I repeat, there are no claims of moral superiority over communism.

To accept it is to read on, and to deny it is to disembark in the endeavor....

Grover: “Wow, I cant beleive how paranoid you Americans are….. Youd prefer to ignore that the US has DIRECTLY massacred many millions of people for all sorts of reasons.”

Omelas is described by the narrator as the story begins.

>current movement in Germany to sigmatize men when they piss standing up.
My wife, a German, says that the Spuk is a “gag gift” that’s been around since Dworkin’s fish entered the Tour de France.
Whether or not it’s a subtle facet of a general assault on masculinity, who can say? Ambiguity is the spice of disinformation.

The city appears to be very likable.

Landon was torn apart and had no idea what to do, so he turned to the bible for guidance and help.

I too think the comment about fission technology being too expensive is wrongheaded. Take the best design, shut down the enviroweenies, build it. Then go down the road on some vacant military land and build another just like it. Etc. BTW the hydrogen economy is a pipe dream.

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Assuming that higher temperatures is bad. A milder climate and higher crop yields do have their advantages. And, again, a return to a 19th Century level of energy usage is far more dangerous than climate change.

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks ..

“Meanwhile, the CO2 content of the atmosphere is going up, and the fallout from climate change will get ever more severe, screwing our economy and making the necessary changes harder to implement.”

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If it’s clearly a choice between (a)letting people build a bunch of nuke plants in a hurry and (b)having everyone switch back to horse-and-buggy transportation, well, I like to think the electorate as a whole is smart enough to make the right choice. It would take a lot of nuclear accidents to equal the death toll of 19th Century technology.

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Well, yeah, if we build them like we did in the 1970’s, with delays in every step courtesy of the anti-nuke retards and redesigns all through the process to cope with changing regs.

My favourite movie essay a walk to remember

Again, no great surprise there – they all had some medium-term goals in common (variations on Yankee Go Home and so on). The American and Saudi governments have cooperated quite a lot too since 1945 without anyone thinking they’re converging ideologically.

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He was also trying to rebuild Babylon, among other weirdass deluded activities presumably not specifically recommended by Baathist theoreticians. Claiming descent from Mohammed always struck me more as a forlorn attempt to attract some Islamic credibility (and support) than anything.